How to Set Up Your Conference

November 1, 2022 | 10:30am (EDT)

Ticket Required

General Settings

  1. Main Background Image: Upload an image that represents your conference. This appears as the background image all throughout your conference to tie pages together and create a consistent feel as they navigate events, speakers, and exhibitors.
  2. Logo: UploadĀ  your conference logo. Your logo will appear in the main navigation bar on all pages.


  1. Default Presenter Image: Upload a fallback image. This is what will show up if you don’t have a headshot for your presenters (we know how hard it can be to collect information from presenters!).
  2. Keynote Category: When you get to set up your presenters you’ll have to option to highlight one person.
  3. Presenters List Header: The Presenter page is automatically populated but you can customize a few things such as the header above the full list of presenters.
  4. Presenter’s Events Header: Each presenter’s page will list the events they are part of. This header will go above that list.
  5. Presenter Page CTAs: And an optional call-to-action (CTA) to the presenters page. This could highlight a particular exhibitor or sponsor, an event, a page, or even an external link!


More instructions coming soon…









Ready for the Next Step?

After you’ve done the initial conference set up, it’s time to get styles into place (but don’t worry you can go back and update them later, too).

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